Braking systems and hydraulics for elevators in the Freedom Tower, NYC

2007-11-15 09:12

In a renewed collaboration with ThyssenKrupp Elevators, the brake systems and hydraulics for the Freedom Tower in New York City will be supplied by Rietschoten.

The 541.3 meter-high building will be built on the site of the destroyed World Trade Center and is due for completion in early 2014. The fastest elevators in the 105-floor-high Freedom Tower will reach speeds of up to 9 m/s.

For such elevators, brake systems with the highest capabilities are required. Electric brakes reach their physical limits with such tasks, and so hydraulic brake systems have to again be returned to. In this co-operation with ThyssenKrupp Elevators, these high-performance elevators will be supplied with Elephant Brakes systems and hydraulics.

A job like this represents an exciting task for us because it involves working on the tallest building in the USA and the fourthtallest in the world. Furthermore, the Freedom Tower is obviously a historic project in which we can be proud to collaborate.