acionados por mola, abriu hidraulicamente - Tipo EBS 004 FL

Força de frenagem de até 104,000 N

The floating versions of the EBS series are used for applications with limited installation space for a two-modular brake design or where economic interests are paramount. It has a device for air gap allignment to achieve an equal air gap between the brake disc and both of the brake pads.

A wide range of applications for these systems are passive holding and emergency stop brakes, which are closed by the spring when not in use.

Typical applications for this spring-operated, hydraulically opening brake calliper are cranes, hoists and heavy industry.

The floating version of the EBS series is designed that no significant torgues are inducted into the pedestal construction.
It can be used with different brake disc thicknesses by providing a spacer plate between the spring storage module and the floating module.

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