Strong, quick response time, and compact: These qualities distinguish our disc brake systems.

Caliper disc brakes were developed for industrial use to meet the demand for space-saving brakes. Due to their compact build, our units require only a minimum amount of axial space. Disc brakes by Elephant Brakes are strong, highly responsive, and especially suited for braking in both rotating directions because they do this without any servo assistance. The maximum disc size is unlimited due to our open design. Our modular system allows for the customization of a braking system to meet almost every requirement by selecting the actuators, number of brake calipers, and brake disc diameter.


In addition to our own brake calipers, we also offer brake calipers from the company Twiflex. Just contact us!

hand operated

Type R&H 100.098.01
Braking force up to 880 N

Size (mm): axial ~ 135; radial ~ 240 Mass (kg): 3.3

hand operated

Type R&H 350.090.01
braking force up to 26,500 N

Size (mm): axial ~ 435; radial ~ 532 Mass (kg): 55.5

pneumatically actuated

R&H 100 Series
Braking force 160-1,900 N

Size (mm): axial ~ 140; radial ~ 245 Weight (kg): 4.9