spring applied, hydraulically released - Type EBS 006

Braking force up to 210,000 N

The modular type EBS 006 brake has a reliable, robust and corrosion-protected design. Important aspects include durability, low maintenance and the virtually wear-free diaphragm springs. Additionally, the hydraulics can be completely overhauled or replaced while the calliper remains in place. Typical applications for this spring-applied, hydraulically released brake calliper include cranes, lifting gear and heavy industry.

These systems have a wide range of use as holding brakes and emergency brakes that are locked by the spring when in a passive state. The release of the brake occurs hydraulically, pneumatically, or electrically. Examples of application are safety brakes in heavy industry, conveyor systems, all types of hoisting, and obviously in general mechanical engineering.


Spring applied brakes are released
• hydraulically
• pneumatically or
• electrically

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