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2021-04-28 15:36

We are developing a new, fast software for calculating all relevant parameters of the thermal load on brake discs

Brake discs

Safety is our top priority. That is why we are constantly looking for ways to expand our expertise, to provide you with the best possible information and to be able to calculate all relevant parameters for you on request.

In the course of this, our calculation department has developed a programme for the thermal load of our brake discs together with the software engineers of a renowned service provider for simulations.


The new software enables us to analyse braking processes in detail with regard to the expected heat load in the brake system. Overloads are avoided, wear is reduced and safety is increased in the usual quality. This is particularly necessary for the use of our brakes in hazardous zones in accordance with the ATEX regulation and again strengthens our competences here. Our employees in design and development are trained in accordance with the latest ATEX guidelines and know exactly what needs to be observed.

Example image of a test simulation
Example image of a test simulation


This exciting project will be completed shortly and will further expand the scope of our services offered to you as a client.

As always, we look forward to receiving your enquiries so that we can provide an individual solution for your project.
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