Testing under extreme conditions

2021-02-11 12:04

Our brake test stand continues to run busily even in the frosty conditions

Photo of the EBS006 on the brake test stand, covered with snow
Frost and snow do not impress our EBS006.

Despite the icy weather, our brake test stand on the outdoor area continues to run diligently.

This is a test stand with which the modular brakes of the EBS 001 to EBS 008 series are tested under real and difficult operating conditions.

The test cycles can be programmed and digitally evaluated as well as documented with the installed control system.

The test stand is designed for outdoor use and equipped with a touch display and data interfaces.

In order to be able to guarantee maximum safety, we are even testing the EBS006 here with a total of 500,000 test cycles instead of the 120,000 test cycles customary in the industry (corresponding to a service life of 7 years). At the moment, we are at about 300,000 finished test cycles.

The icy weather plays right into our hands to really put our brakes to the test.
So you can be sure that everything runs smoothly even in difficult weather conditions!

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