Rapid prototyping technology offers many options

2021-08-20 12:57

Optimising processes, innovations and development

3D model of our EBR21 brake and individual components for training courses
3D model of our EBR21 brake and individual components for training courses

Rapid prototyping is versatile. It offers us many possibilities and is constantly evolving.
3D printing technology is also used efficiently in our company. We use it to create training models of individual components or entire brakes,
some of them can weigh a considerable amount in the original.
By means of rapid prototyping, practical models can be created that are easy to handle and can be used in training courses for new employees,
trainees or for the training of new employees. for new employees, trainees or interested customers and can be discussed in detail.

Innovations and improvements can also be quickly demonstrated and tested on the model,
without long waiting times for individual components to deliver.
In this way, we constantly and very efficiently develop new ideas and pursue them further,
in order to always be able to offer our customers suitable solutions for their individual projects.

On the other hand, it is also possible to replace individual components, such as covers,
with 3D printed parts, in order to save resources that do not necessarily have to be used and could be put to better use elsewhere.
Furthermore, this saves shipping routes, optimises processes and also protects the environment to a certain extent.

3D printer during the printing process of a light grey component

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