product range of modular brakes expanded

2017-07-15 08:00

Last year we worked hard to amplify our range of modular brakes.


Now two brakes are available: EBS 002 and EBS 004.


The spring-applied, hydraulically released brakes has a reliable, robust and corrosion-protected design.The brakes could be mounted at a perpendicular brake disc without any specific measures because the venting is possible by turning the cylinder.

In the spring housing threaded connections are provided for leak oil pipes. The braking force is generated by a spring pack, which presses the brake pads against the brake disc by means of the piston and the pressure plate.


EBS 002 achieves braking forces from 29 to 50 kN, EBS 004 achieves braking forces from 62 to 104 kN.

The brake pads can be adjusted manually to compensate the magnification of the air gap due to the wear.


Typical applications: Cranes, Hoists, Conveyor systems

Mass: EBS 002 – 90 kg, EBS 004 – 190 kg


In addition to EBS 002 and EBS 004 the EBS series will be expanded with EBS 001, EBS 006, and EBS 008.


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