EBS – New brake range for heavy loads

2020-10-07 09:21

New additions for our brake family

Our brake family has greatly expanded this year. Five new fixed caliper brakes (also available as floating caliper brakes) expand our portfolio. Braking forces between 15 - 400 kN can be covered with the five different sizes available.

Meeting the demands of users is a top priority for us. A main focus of our sales team consists of engineers working together with our customers to develop optimal solutions. "Thanks to the close cooperation with customers, from the smallest projects to the heavyweights, we appreciate what our customers require," says our Mr. Ravens- long-time Managing Director and himself a sales engineer- with conviction. Customisability and ease of maintenance are examples of this, the EBS range delivers both.

Different brake spring packages are available for each size, the preload of which can be varied using washers, which can even be retrofitted on site. Opening, adjusting and wear control systems are just some of the options available.

All sizes have a "park-off function" making it possible to relax the spring package to a depressurised state when the brake is fully open. This means that the assembly of the brakes and maintenance and repair work can be carried out considerably easier.


A special feature of the EBS range is the arrangement of the hydraulics at the rear of the brake. This allows access to all relevant seals without having to unscrew the brake from the supporting structure, which can often weigh several hundred kilograms. Another advantage is that all hydraulic seals are as far away as possible from the brake disc and are therefore protected from any heat build-up due to highly dynamic braking.

In addition, the hydraulic part is not only completely interchangeable, but is also rotatable, so that the standard vent screw can always be positioned upwards for a horizontal shaft. The return oil connection will therefore point downwards so that any return oil can be drained away in a controlled manner. All joints are sealed so that neither dirt nor contaminants can penetrate the brake from outside. This is particularly useful for outdoor or offshore applications and the robust construction makes the EBS particularly durable.

In addition, the entire range has brake pads with mining approval as standard.


But that's not all. The two-module EBS is reinforced by its little sister, the EBS-Floating, which develops braking forces between 15 and 370 kN. Floating caliper brakes are often used where there is insufficient installation space for a two-module brake construction or where budget restrictions are paramount, since the floating brake is somewhat cheaper than the two-module variant. The EBS floating caliper brake range is designed so that no significant moments are transferred to the supporting structure. The use of different brake disc thicknesses is also possible by arranging a spacer plate between the spring retaining and floating caliper modules. In addition, the EBS-Floating has a device for creating an air gap to prevent the floating caliper module from being in contact with the brake disc when the brake is released. This not only ensures more safety, but also prevents wear on the brake guides as well as unnecessary wear on the linings.

The many years of experience in floating saddle construction also makes us an attractive partner for those companies who consider themselves competent in this field and usually manufacture their own brakes. A leading mechanical engineering developer of conveyor technology was considering switching to space-saving and cost-saving floating caliper brakes for some applications. Instead of opting for in-house production, they sought our expertise for this project.

After successful testing for a project in Russia, the first order was placed for floating caliper brakes as holding brakes on a shaft hoisting system with a braking force of 175 kN. The brake disc diameter was 2400 mm and two EBS004-88FL were used, which, are particularly suitable for use in cranes, hoists and heavy industry due to their durable, robust and corrosion-protected design.

An exercise that paid off. In the meantime, we have completed the EBS series, the wide range and customisation which are suitable for use in all industries.

Feel free to contact us. We will find the best solution for you!

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