Learning by doing!

2021-06-14 14:29

The practical phase offers a good insight into everyday working life

Praktikant Oliver am 3D Drucker


My name is Oliver Stamme and I am studying mechanical engineering at Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts. I came across Elephant Brakes through a recommendation from a neighbouring company, where I also applied for the practical phase.

Were you excited on your first day?

I wasn't particularly excited because my colleagues were very friendly right from the start, which made the family-like character of the company immediately recognisable and we were able to get to know each other for a moment. However, I was curious to see how everyday work would be under the corona-related restrictions.

How did you imagine your internship and everyday working life, what did you want to learn?

As I had already completed a training before starting my studies, I already had an idea of what a normal working day was like. In addition, my project topic "Development of an electromechanical brake unit" was already determined in advance, so I could also estimate my activities within a certain framework.

I wanted to learn how the development and construction of a new product works. In particular, I was interested in how CAD applications can be used systematically so that all designers use a similar structure for the 3D models.

What would you like to pass on to future interns?

For future interns in the development sector, I can tell them that projects do not always succeed immediately or well, but that you can gain a lot of new ideas from the various stages of development and thus achieve a good result step by step.

What will be particularly memorable for you?

I particularly liked the fact that I was able to learn what was important in the design by working practically on different development samples, as the working principles and problem areas were very easy to recognise. This experience is hard to come by in a degree course, but it is very helpful for future design tasks.

What do you do after your internship?

After the internship, I will work on my last missing project for the degree and then start on my Bachelor's thesis.

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