Emergency stop device on band saws for slaughterhouses

2021-11-18 08:51

Special demands - we have the solution!

Freshly cut meat on ice


After our brakes had already been used in numerous branches, we received a request from a well-known manufacturer of food processing machinery in the meat processing sector to participate in a project to increase the safety of band sawing machines. The aim was to develop an emergency stop device to minimise the risk of injury to the machine operator. This prototype was finally to be presented at the "IFFA" trade fair.


When used in the food sector, the strictest hygiene requirements apply. A standard brake pad was therefore out of the question, as the abrasion must not get into the goods to be processed. In addition, the installation space for the brake was extremely limited, which ruled out an electric brake. Another challenge was to increase the braking effect in order to counteract the reduced friction value of the saw blade, which was greasy from the meat. The requirement was for a brake caliper that would immediately act on the steel blade of the saw as soon as a part of the operator's body approached it. The access time of the brake was of decisive importance here, as the saw blade must be stopped within milliseconds in order to be able to prevent injuries. This requires a brake system with minimum air consumption and maximum power density.


View of the special design made of stainless steel
For the special requirements, the brake is made of stainless steel and has a quick release valve.


We decided to use our R&H 050.402.01 caliper brake, which we adapted to the customer's requirements. Therefore these brakes are made of stainless steel, which gives them very good acid and corrosion resistance. The steel is resistant to salt and chlorinated water, which is beneficial for cleaning in the food sector.


The passive brake with 150% spring force is opened pneumatically and has an extra-long rod to reduce the distance between the brake levers and, together with other measures, to ensure the fastest possible closing times. In addition, the brake's cylinder can be rotated 360° so that the direction of the air connection can be freely selected. The stainless steel brake lining was also designed by us especially for this project and implemented by the customer in the final product. The brake engages within milliseconds, the intervention time until the system comes to an absolute standstill is 40 ms.

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