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2020-12-23 13:33

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Source: https://www.cadenas.de/en/products/ecatalogsolutions/electronic-cad-catalog/motivation?pk_campaign=landingpage_selection&pk_kwd=ecatalogsolutions

We are working on an intelligent solution for the provision of data and drawings by means of an electronic catalogue, the so-called eCatalogue.

CADENAS is a leading software manufacturer in the areas of Strategic Parts Management and Parts Reduction (PARTsolutions) as well as Electronic CAD Product Catalogues (eCATALOGsolutions).
Components or products that the engineer plans in his CAD design are usually transferred to the parts list. These are among the most important pieces of information that industrial companies have to keep on hand and ultimately serve, among other things, to determine requirements and order the right material.
First and foremost, engineers want to concentrate on developing innovative products. However, their daily work consists largely of time-consuming activities, such as researching product information, enquiring about the correct product configuration, requesting CAD data from the manufacturer. When choosing a product or manufacturer, they therefore often take the path of least resistance.

With the intelligent product catalogue, we help you to collect all the information effortlessly and hope to make your work a little easier.
Completion is planned for the first quarter of 2021.

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