Always the right components! You don't just get brakes from us. You can also get many other components to complete your braking system if necessary.


These include:

Brake discs

Thicknesses between 12 and 50 mm• kept in stock • internally-ventilated brake discs available with diameters of 270, 460 and 630 mm • straight and offset brake discs • divided, easily replaceable discs of all sizes also for subsequently mounting • with boreholes for blocking and external toothing for turning gears


suitable for brake disc mounting directly on the shaft • available with finish borehole according to ISO H7 upon request • available with keyway (acc. to DIN 6885/1) • for brake disc sizes from 250 mm to 1600 mm Ø


Torsionally flexible couplings

form-fitting transfer of torque • any vibrations or shocks are effectively damped and relieved

Torsionally rigid couplings

high clearance • high power density • easy mounting and compact design



Clamping elements as hub alternatives

Traction control systems or tension control systems

suitable for automation of brake pressure tracking

Pressure supply units

individually assembled compressors and hydraulic power units

Piping / tubing

Monitoring units for controlling the braking status

mechanical or electrical switching / control • apron housing / control cabinets

Mounting racks and steel construction

with RAL painting according to customer requirements


Brake pads (asbestos-free)

Quality Compound Coefficent of friction Temperature
J 755 sintered metal 0,4 max. 850° C
C 1203 elevated rubber content 0,4 max. 250° C
544 standard 0,3 max. 350° C
570 graphened 0,2 max. 200° C
C 3002 highly graphened 0,15 max. 200° C