About Elephant Brakes

Elephant Brakes by Rietschoten, Germany. Strong like an Elephant. Smart like an Elephant.

Wherever industrial motion needs braking, Elephant Brakes have been reliably at work for decades. We are the specialist for high-quality, individual braking solutions in the field of industrial disc brakes. Our products reliably slow down or bring movement to a complete halt according to your exact requirements. Where traditional systems fail, we offer a convincing alternative.

Service with a Concept

The product of disc brakes comes with a wide range of additional services. We offer our customers an especially personal service by quickly and flexibly responding to all of their requirements. When we begin to work with you, we always assess the overall scope of the task at hand. We only define the optimal configuration and create a perfectly matching braking system we know exactly how we can fulfill your requirements in the best possible way. Our qualified team also provides full-service consulting for even the most challenging braking systems upon request.

Quality based on a modular design principle

Thanks to the modular construction of our systems and a well-planned modular design system, braking solutions are possible for practically every requirement. Our mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, or spring applied disc brakes are manufactured in the highest quality according to the standards of a DIN EN ISO 9001-certified quality assurance system. Elephant Brakes are distinguished by their compact size, quick response time, high reliability, and outstanding braking power. Due to our open design method, brake discs of any size can be used.

From pioneer to market leader

Our company was founded in 1961 and has done pioneering work ever since. Since 1972, our work has focused solely on braking systems. Due to their technical superiority, disc brakes have become standard technology today. The potential industrial applications of Elephant Brakes by Rietschoten are almost unlimited.

We Are Interested in Your Application

We do not just deliver the best solution. We also ensure that our technology is optimally integrated into your technical environment. We can provide everything that is required up to the point of commissioning from one source: e.g. the idea, concept, realization, adaptation, steelwork, piping, hydraulics, and control system. In addition, we also perform repairs and maintenance as needed.