Individual disc brake solutions for industrial use.

Mechanical, Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Spring-Applied Brakes

Elephant H - Type R&H 500

braking force up to 68,000 N

Developed for use in wind power plants, ship propulsion, and heavy industry. Standard corrosion protection through electroless nickel plating of the housing components. The braking force is 68,000 N at 100 bar; for static applications, the maximum pressure is 160 bar.


In addition to pneumatic brakes, a series of hydraulic braking systems are also available. They are especially used where high braking force is needed within a limited space. Depending on the version, the braking system can be operated with either mineral oil or a water-in-oil emulsion. Due to the modular construction and our great variety of parts, these systems can also be optimally customized for a multitude of applications, no matter whether this involves small units for constricted spaces or corrosion-protected high-performance systems for ship engines or off-shore applications.

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Industrial Disc Brakes

Mechanische, pneumatische und hydraulische Scheibenbremsen für die Industrie. Federbetätigte Bremsen. Industrielle Bremssysteme und individuelle Lösungen.

Tailor made solutions für industrial brake systems und disc brakes.

Elephant Brakes by Rietschoten Germany