Mechanical brakes

Individual disc brake solutions for industrial use.

Mechanical, Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Spring-Applied Brakes

Purely mechanical brakes are often sufficient for simple, secondary applications. The actuating force can be generated through a lever system or a spring with manually adjustable tension. Examples of this application are basic winding machines for foil, paper, cable, wire, and metal band or even strictly for holding applications such as servicing and maintenance work in fan construction or shipbuilding, as well as locking mechanisms in handling systems.

Elephant M

Type R&H 100.098.01
Braking force up to 880 N

Size (mm): axial ~ 135; radial ~ 240 Weight (kg): 3.3

Elephant M

Type R&H 100.099.01
Braking force up to 1,650 N

Size (mm): axial ~ 195; radial ~ 210 Weight (kg): 3.7

Elephant M

Type R&H 200.096.01
Braking force up to 5,000 N

Size (mm): axial ~ 285; radial ~ 290 Weight (kg): 9.3


braking force up to 30,000 N

Size (mm): axial ~ 430; radial ~ 540 Weight (kg): 39.6

Industrial Disc Brakes

Mechanische, pneumatische und hydraulische Scheibenbremsen für die Industrie. Federbetätigte Bremsen. Industrielle Bremssysteme und individuelle Lösungen.

Tailor made solutions für industrial brake systems und disc brakes.

Elephant Brakes by Rietschoten Germany