Individual disc brake solutions for industrial use.

Mechanical, Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Spring-Applied Brakes

A wide range of brake discs with different thicknesses between 12–50 mm in stock for the most part. Internally ventilated brake discs with diameters of 270 mm, 460 mm, and 630 mm for higher brake performance are available. We can provide information about additional sizes and diameters upon request. In addition to couplings, standard hubs or clamping elements can be supplied for mounting the brake disc onto the shaft.

Experts for Explosion-Proof Applications

Our entire product range is also available in explosion-proof versions that are fully compliant with Category 2 of the ATEX Guidelines on the Application of Directive 94/9/EC.

Additional products

  • Straight and offset brake discs
  • Torsionally flexible and stiff couplings
  • Hubs for mounting the brake disc directly onto the shaft
  • Clamping elements as an alternative to hubs
  • Traction controls / voltage regulators for the automation of brake pressure tracking
  • Pressure supply units: individually customized compressors and hydraulic power units
  • Monitoring units for monitoring brake condition
  • Mounting accessories: equalizing links, mounting kits, manual release fittings and mounting stands

Industrial Disc Brakes

Mechanische, pneumatische und hydraulische Scheibenbremsen für die Industrie. Federbetätigte Bremsen. Industrielle Bremssysteme und individuelle Lösungen.

Tailor made solutions für industrial brake systems und disc brakes.

Elephant Brakes by Rietschoten Germany